"The essence of investment management is the management of risks, not the management of returns."
- Benjamin Graham
Investment Strategies
We Make Your Money Work for You
We Make Your Money Work for You
Investment Strategies
We Make Your Money Work for You
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Ready to Manage Your Risk?

Investment Selection Process

Strategic Investment Partners is an independent financial services firm. Our investment selection begins with the client risk tolerance. We work with clients to allocate portfolios based on market conditions and use real time analyses of mathematical data to avoid sectors that are out of favor..

Fiduciary Responsibility

We provide our clients with objective opinions about the best allocation for their risk tolerance.  We do not utilize proprietary products which would result in additional payout and understand we work for you.  We must provide our clients with investments that are in their best interest instead of our..

Retirement Income Strategies

When will I be able to retire comfortably?  This is a key question that all clients think about during the accumulation phase of life.  Where will I draw an income to pay for the activities that are part of my life? We provide guidance on how your pension, social security, investment income, and required minimum distributions..


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Managing Partner


Managing Partner
  • Services Rendered

    With 50 years of experience, as a division of family owned and operated Conway & Company Financial Services, we understand that client relationships are the key factor in the wealth management process. We meet with our clients at least twice a year and provide more frequent updates via phone, newsletters, email, and online access. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations for communication and providing piece of mind with your hard earned life savings.

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning & Liability and Insurance Management

    Financial planning involves understanding all aspects of a client’s financial life, not just the investment management process.  We seek to understand your cash flow, liabilities, potential financial risks, real estate, privately held business and family issues that could prevent you from reaching your goals. 

  • Charitable Giving and Multi-Generational Management

    Generational wealth preservation provides unique challenges that need to be handled with care, due diligence, and respect. Understanding family dynamics and the family goals are where we excel to help plan for those for multiple generations. Many families have charitable desires that need to be preserved and protected as they pass thru the family during the transference phase.